There are many gears that athletes use that look so fancy that one start to wonder if it is a fashion trend or if the gears are as therapeutic as they are touted to be. A kinesiology tape is one of such gears- colourful and beautiful.

While there is a lot of debate with regards to whether it performs its functions or not, I think a good place to start is to know what a kinesiology tape is.

Basically, a kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tape invented by Japanese chiropractor, Kenzo Kase. It is made of an elastic material that is said to reduce pain and used in managing musculoskeletal injuries and inflammation obtained while exercising.

The tapes are made of an elastic material that allows for body mobility in areas they are worn.  It is claimed that KT supports injuredmuscles and joints and helps relieve pain by lifting the skin and allowing improved blood and lymph flow.

How Does Kinesiology Taping Work?

Besides promoting recovery, the kinesiology tape is believed to relieve pain and supports movement patterns. The tapes are mostly latex free and are used mainly on body joints.

To get the maximum effect from the use of a kinesiology tape, it is strongly advised that one patronises an expert in the application.

Despite the uncertainty of proof of treatment, the tapes have gotten even more popular especially since the 2008 Olympics when it was seen on high profile athletes from different countries.

Several manufacturers have since keyed into the market, so it can be quite confusing choosing a good one .

If you are looking to get one of these tapes, then you should be guided. There are a host of options available to you depending on your therapeutic need.

Types of Kinesiology Tapes

  • Kinesiology Sports Elastic Tape by AllforLife

The kinesiology tape by AllforLife is found in blue, black, beige and pink colours. It is manufactured from 100% cotton and free from latex allergens.

It supports injured muscles without restricting movement. It promotes recovery by boosting blood and lymphatic is very suitable for users who are allergic to latex.However, you have to cut the tape to match your use as it isn’t precut.

  • TheraBand Kinesiology Tape with XactStretch

Theraband kinesiology tape comes in black and white colors.this product is DIY friendly as it comes with a visual aid, which guides users on the correct use of the tape.

The materials are free of latex, and they are water resistant. It is allergen free. Users are guaranteed of quality since the product has passed more than 300 studies carried by clinical experts. It does not limit one’s range of motion.

It has been known to come off when in contact with body sweat.

  • Vara Kinesiology Tape – Uncut Rolls

This tape can stay on the skin for more than seven days. It is water resistant. Made of breathable cotton, a factor that makes it comfortable to wear for more days, it is recommended for athletes, children, seniors, and people recovering from surgery.

  • Kinesiology Tape Prime Tape by Nordic Lifting

The prime kinesiology tape comes in a pair of black+ beige or Red+ electric blue. The tape comes along with. It is FDA and ISO approved. They are designed to minimize muscle fatigue, alleviate pain, enhance blood flow and improve performance.

  • Kinesiology Tape by Kinesio

Made of cotton fabric, it is uniquely designed to provide a tender but deft touch. It is specially designed to induce a nano-touch effect and recommended for people with joint pains.

There are several others that are available in the market.

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