The holidays are here again and with them, lots of food, drinking and other terrible habits that can skew your fitness. It’s easy to give up, thinking that the interruption to your fitness routine and associated weight gain is unavoidable and try to focus instead on motivating yourself to lose the extra weight once the trip is over. How about not gaining any extra weight at all this trip? How about not interrupting your weight loss goals due to the vacation and still have enough fun? If you’re looking for ways to remain on that fitness train even for the duration of your trip, here are a few tips to help you stay.

If you’re travelling, these few habits will ensure you stay committed to being fit.

Choose your destination accommodation wisely

While there are so many things about a holiday that you cannot avoid, such as the annoying relatives and your mom’s continued scrutiny, you definitely have a choice over your accommodations. If staying with a relative is going to cost you in your fitness goals, then consider shelling out the extra cash to stay at a hotel. Check the available choices so you can choose based on the availability of a workout facility. Even if what they are offering is the most basic gym equipment, you can still stay motivated when all you have is an outdated gym. The half effort is better than none.

Browse the area for fitness options

If it’s unavoidable and you end up staying at a place with zero fitness facilities, then check out the local fitness scene as soon as you get a chance. Group classes, single day passes to the gym, or anything else that is reasonably priced will help you stay fit even while holidaying in an area that is far from your fitness zone.

Locate a fitness center

Pack the right gear

If you’re travelling, it’s understandable that you will want to make the most out of your luggage space. The temptation to leave your gear behind should, however, be resisted. Whatever it takes, pack your workout gear. Working out is a habit. Not having the right gear can give you the perfect excuse not to stick to your routine workouts. An extra outfit or two won’t take up much extra space. If you do jump ropes, then extra points for you. Whatever it takes, don’t leave them at home.

Set yourself up for success

Explore the area where you’re going to be staying to find options for fitness. Don’t want to pay for extra classes or days at the gym? Then don’t. Set up your own work out space where you’re staying. Make use of any free space – the parking lot, the park. Use items you find in the area to make markers for a set distance and run form one to the other throwing in a few moves in between. There are a variety of options to choose from – jumping jacks, burpees, crunches, bear crawls, and so on.  Who cares if the world is watching? Don’t give up on your fitness goals because you’re not in your comfort zone.

Take advantage of the internet

Some days you might not want to leave the room. Don’t let that deter you. YouTube is filled with several great videos with activities you can do in a room without much space. Find a video that works for you and get to work. Not sure of the internet connectivity at your destination? Not a problem, pack a workout DVD or three. You don’t have to give up the luxury of your room to pursue your fitness goals. Even ten minutes of workout a day trumps nothing. You can reward yourself with healthy room service options afterward if you like.

Airport stops? Keep moving

Being stuck at the airport can be frustrating, especially if you sit down in one spot and wait. Long layover? Sitting and moping at the boredom is not an option. Sitting and eating all that airport food is also definitely not an option either. Put on your walking shoes and turn the airport into your own personal hiking trail. And your carry on or luggage? Well, what’s a hike without some weights for bonus points? Pack smartly and be prepared to turn whatever situation you find yourself into your own personal fitness quest.

Even if you’re not travelling, staying fit can be a bit of a problem with the extra reasons to eat outside your diet. Here are a few pointers on how to avoid unnecessary weight gain when you’re at home.

Shop right

Holidays come with the temptation to go off the rail with the type of meals we prepare and eat. Fitness attempts start at the grocery store. You need to stick to your regular healthy meals. Have the same collection of healthy snacks available. Don’t focus on what you should or shouldn’t eat, focus instead on making the right kind of meals available. That way you’ll be more likely to continue eating healthy.

Stick to schedule

You probably already have a fitness schedule in place. Stick to it. Continue to schedule your workouts instead of giving into the temptation to let it go. It’s okay if you miss a few more of your workouts than you usually do but try to do a minimum of three workouts a week.

Remember to say no

A lot of the extra food we eat comes from being offered some. Free samples at the supermarket, a slice of cake at an office party, an extra helping at Thanksgiving. Remember to just say no. You don’t need to give excuses or be apologetic for your choices. Saying no to offered food also empowers you to say no to yourself when you feel like you want an extra treat.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Water is important. Continue to drink your target eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. Make a commitment to drink more if you find that you drink other types of fluids.

Fitness is a lifelong journey that you can learn to enjoy if you make all the right decisions.

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