The use of marijuana in any form is a topic that has been hotly debated for decades in various countries. But with more developed countries around the world looking to legalise or already legalising the use of marijuana, fitness enthusiasts have begun to see the herb as a helping hand on their journey to fitness. If you have heard of people using marijuana as an aid in the gym and you are looking to try it out yourself, there are some important things you need to know first and we have gathered here for you the most important of them.

  1. Using weed before exercise isn’t for everybody

Not everyone has the physiology to still stay active and productive while under the influence of marijuana and this is especially so depending on the strain of marijuana consumed. Simply put, if your friend took some before hitting the gym and experienced great results, you could find yourself simply sitting around the gym daydreaming after using the same exact quantity as that friend. The keyword here is tolerance. Weed affects everyone differently, so before you decide to exercise while high, it’s wise to verify what strain works best for you and in what quantity, most especially if it is your first time using marijuana.

Keep in mind that marijuana can boost your heart rate by 20 to 100% even at small doses. This means that individuals who have heart conditions are probably better off and safer not attempting to exercise while on marijuana as this can place undue strain on their already tasked heart.

  1. The quantity of marijuana used before working out should be smaller than normally used amount

Using marijuana recreationally for fun will likely lead to you being too unfocused to be able to exercise effectively. To minimise this, it is best if marijuana is used in lesser quantities before exercise so that you still have significant control over your faculties. This means using the product in very small amounts. If you have prior experience with marijuana and know what quantity affects you, you will have an easier time controlling doses. If excessively influenced by marijuana before working out, you stand the risk of accidentally harming yourself while working out or even possibly accidentally harming others. Only the smallest amount of marijuana should be used before exercising.

  1. Marijuana reduces pre-workout anxiety

If you have trouble getting motivated to hit the gym because you are anxious about your body image or hitting targets, marijuana can help with that. If your unique worries are causing pre-work out anxiety and holding you back from visiting the gym, using marijuana can actually help you get over that. The right strain of marijuana used in the right amount can make you more motivated and focused such that your anxiety is pushed to the background.

  1. Smoking weed before exercise isn’t exactly healthy

The use of marijuana before exercise no doubt has a lot of benefits ranging from improving focus and endurance to alleviating body pains. But the act of actually smoking marijuana prior to exercise is nonetheless potentially harmful to your health. Marijuana smoking might be safer than tobacco smoking but it nonetheless involves pulling harmful substances into your lungs. Rather than smoke marijuana to exercise, a safer option would be to consume marijuana in other forms. For instance, you could bake it into a snack, or consume it as a tincture. There are actually a lot of options concerning edible marijuana. Another benefit of consuming marijuana as an edible rather than smoking is the dose is much easier to measure. With edibles, you can actually measure how much you are putting in your body compared to smoking and this can be very useful for first timers looking to use marijuana to exercise.

  1. Marijuana for people under 18 is ill-advised

As a teenager, your brain is still developing and growing and using weed at such an age can actually impact the long term development of your brain. For instance, if you are below the age of 18 and depending on marijuana to exercise, there’s a significant risk of suffering developmental delays. This is because the influence of marijuana on the brain at that age can lead your body to rely on the influence of the drug for its performance thus causing processes in your brain that should be naturally occurring to stall.

  1. Marijuana to exercise isn’t for the faint of heart

As earlier stated, if you have heart complications such as high blood pressure or other forms of heart disease, you shouldn’t be using marijuana to exercise. Marijuana acts as a relaxant on the system, especially the muscles. This includes the muscles of the blood vessels and this can result in reduced blood pressure. This will lead to the heart pumping faster and harder to compensate which can cause problems if you have heart issues.

The effects of marijuana on your mind might be a mellow feeling but the herb can result in accelerated heart rate. Accelerated heart rate plus the strain of exercise on an already straining heart is a recipe for a trip to the hospital. Worst case scenario it could lead to a fatal heart attack.

  1. Marijuana is best not combined with fast-paced sports.

Fast paced sports require you to have your wits about you. When under the influence of marijuana, your wits will not necessarily be at their sharpest and your reflexes will likely be slowed. Thus, if you are going to exercise after using marijuana, it is best to engage in an activity that is low-risk. High risk or fast paced activity might lead to you accidentally hurting yourself or others around you.

In conclusion

Marijuana use prior to exercise can help in a variety of ways but it is up to you to use it responsibly in order to prevent mishaps or complications. Also, the strain of marijuana used will greatly influence results. For instance, indica strains may cause your mind to wander while sativa strains are much more intense.

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